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I'm a sixteen year old writer with the one dream to publish my writings sometme!

I also write on Wattpad (@violetajmurillo and @xxlarryweloveyou). I have two accounts since I'm Spanish and American, I write in one language in each account.

I love reading, writing and listening to music. My favorite bands/singers are 1D, Demi Lovato, 5SOS, BVB, OLN, SWS. My favorite books are the trilogy of The hunger games and Entangled, I could read them a millon times and not get tired of them! And I love to write about everything, whenever I come up with something I write it even if it has nothing to do with any of my stories.

I live in Spain but I hope to go live to America or England sometime in my life (it would be pretty cool). My biggest dreams are to become a famous writer, to meet my idols and to finish my studies to have a stable job and a family.

And there is not much more you can know about me!! I'm really crazy, but I'm shy at the same time. I LOVE talking, I can be hours talking about something I like with someone. I also like a lot helping people, I have gone through a lot of stuff in life so I can help people really well. And basically that's it! I really hope you like my stories, ilya!!! :))

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