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Warona, 20, law student and wannabe [successful] writer.
I was shortlisted for the Sony Movellist of The Year 2013 award.
I also came first in the More Than This competition 2013.
It's been a while since I've written any pieces with college and university getting in the way, but I'm trying my best to produce decent content in the near future.

Lots of love x

'The Idiot' by Elif Butman - a review

by , Friday August 24, 2018
'The Idiot' by Elif Butman - a review

A beautiful telling of the complexities of unrequited love, or a pretentious chronicling of a cultural linguist?

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  • A.J. Bloom

    mumbled "Novel number 5 is underway!"

    2 years agoReply
    I must be in the writing mood this year! After completing Rest Easy, I haven't even given myself a month's breather before working on my next project. I must say however, that this novel feels almost like a necessity - it is going to be a semi-autobiographical chronicling of my year abroad, with a rich mixture of very true events that happened, real people i met, and of course, artistic creative license to create a story with an arc. One of my biggest regrets was never writing a diary during my time there, so i feel like i owe i to hong kong to pay homage to my time there in one way or another. So here goes - A Part of Us will be my current project!
    Ray Lidstone
    2 years ago
    Sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out!
  • A.J. Bloom
    2 years agoReply
    I’m over 1,000 words into my next novel! It’s going to be a chronicling of my year abroad from the perspective of a character I’ve created. It will be an endearing coming-of-age set in Hong Kong.
  • A.J. Bloom


    2 years agoReply
    So... this is actually old news. I completed it some few weeks ago now, but it went through significant changes, especially within the second part. Because of the way I edited and structured it, I can't really continue to upload it on movellas. However, I will be uploading it to Wattpad! All 22 chapters!
    I'm happy to have completed my novel, but I have noticed a lot more apprehension and tension about sharing it and getting it out there this time around. I think I just realised how much this really means to me and i'm almost afraid of having people find out and read my stuff, especially the people i know. Either way, here's the link to my profile: wattpad.com/user/AJBloom1

    For anybody who read, I made these minor changes:
    Totem/Tom is now called Tyler.
    I changed Naya's mother's name.
    I chopped and changed the exposition in the first few chapters and switched around some of the revelation in the later chapters. If anyone is down to reading it from scratch that would help me tonnes.

    -W x

    PS. It was Naya's birthday on the 9th of July! She'd be 19 now. Happy belated birthday Naya! (hashtag cancerqueen)
  • A.J. Bloom

    mumbled "Update"

    2 years agoReply
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    Heyyy. I haven't been here in a long time, and that's because... well, I haven't really been writing much since the end of march. I got sucked into uni finals, travelling around Asia and making the most of the last few months of my time in Hong Kong that I put writing to the side. I actually remember the last time I worked on Rest Easy - it was on the plane on the way to South Korea at the end of March. I just didn't pick it back up... that is until now.

    I've started working on R.E. again. I've only got around 9k words left, but I've been finding it v. hard to continue writing without going back and reading/editing what I've already written - leaving work for a long time and then going back to it can leave a lot of narrative gaps and it's kind of pointless to finish an abandonded piece off without going back in one way or another.

    I've made a few revisions: general editing process of part one, and a few changes. Names of characters have been changed, but I think that's the most major change apart from revising/chopping and changing some words and paragraphs. I plan on being complete with Rest Easy within the next couple of weeks, like completely and utterly complete. I will update the revisions and changes to names once I'm for sure complete.

    Warona xoxo
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