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<hi im chelsea caylen and your watching disney channel...>
**this is I.Wanna.Go.2.Digitour... sorry about delays on my old account.... but I swear this is me... NO WORRIES!**

instagram - 1xxcrushin16xx1
snapchat - DAT!ODD1
kik - SLAY_JC_SLAY (currently my name is WeeSnahChels, but please look up the first name for my results...)

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    hi chloe yeah this is i.wanna.go.2.digitour but i have a new account because i get on movellas at school on my chromebook for chesterfield county schools but yeah my chromebook broke and i had to get a new one and everything was reset and i forgot my passwprd to my movellas i really hope you understand... thankyou!
    hey..... i had to make another..... my friend "accidentally logged me out and i forgot my password and email... but im back and hopefully for good!
    5 years ago
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    well... that sucks that you had to make another account but yeah lets hope you don't get logged out of this one.
    yeah im gonna try....
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