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because I never get noticed on here

but I do have a shedload of drafts on here so I will have to log on every now and then

  • WerewolfLuva
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    You referenced TVD and Teen Wolf }:)
    I think that there's a midway point. I like Teen Wolf werewolves because they are midway. Every wolf has an 'Anchor' that helps them stay human (Allison was Scott's anchor until his mum told him to be his own anchor). It was love for Scott, it's anger for Derek and, for Isaac, it was his dad. A werewolf mate is someone that they value and that brings out the human loving side of them, and that's similar to an Anchor.
    Teen Wolf also included 'evolving', and the rare ability that a werewolf can transform into a full wolf. As far as I'm aware, Laura Hale had this ability (unless she was just an Alpha, I haven't figured that one out tbh, so if someone can enlighten me with that one please do) and so did Talia. Derek then gains this ability at the end of Season 4. The Alphas can transform into more wolflike werewolves whereas the Betas and Omegas can only transform their face and claws.
    Teen Wolf is a midway point and I like that. They've also included other creatures such as the Werecoyote, Kitsune, Oni, Banshee, Kanima, Nogitsune, and many more.
    In Season 1 Episode 6, Kate talks to Allison about the old legend 'La Bête du Gévaudan' which is a 1760's French werewolf legend. The "truths" were altered a bit to fit the show's storyline, but the original story is still there.
    So, I choose the midway point when it comes to the classic or modern question :) sorry for the essay XD @[ireumeun.chloe]
    Chloe McCormick
    5 years ago
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    Seems you know a lot more about it compared tome xD midway it is! :D
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    mumbled "Why I am no longer an active member of the Movellas community..."

    It's got to the point where I don't publish or write my stories on Movellas. I have turned back to a Word Document.
    You see, I can write (and the few people who actually read my stuff tell me I can write and that I'm good at writing) but it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to get noticed on here now. It's started to really knock my confidence and make me NOT want to write because no one reads and likes my stuff. I know I'm not a shitty writer, because I've been told by my teachers that I could make a future out of writing, so I would like to know why on here I get made to feel like one.
    Is it that difficult to get someone to read a book? I know that the stuff I publish might not be to everyone's liking (and that's absolutely fine, I get that) but then I look at people with a similar/the same genre and the, say, 23k likes they have on their story and I read it and, yes, their writing is better than mine, but it's similar. Is it really that hard to get people to give you a confidence boost on here?
    It's like a mini society; unless you're popular, you're invisible... and I'm sick of it.
    5 years ago
    I completely agree with you. Seriously though, you are an amazing writer and just don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I remember when I was reading 'Confinement of Afflictions' I thought you were an adult by the way you so sophisticatedly wrote. I enjoyed all of your movellas. I must say though, if you leave, you will be truly missed.
    5 years ago
    Thank you <3 I'm not leaving, I'm just inactive ):

  • WerewolfLuva

    I'd like to thank you for your time and for being the best community manager so far!
    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to publish a blog (the Vampire Diaries blog) and to design a blog cover (even though you didn't use them, it was nice to have a go). You're such an inspiration and I will miss you so much!

    With love and admiration,
    Kristina (WerewolfLuva) <3

  • WerewolfLuva
    This is amazing.
    When I die, you have to bury me with this short story lol XD
    Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Super short story about a girl on her eighteenth birthday. It just didn't turn out how it was supposed to. Forgot to say thanks to @Lavern2002 for making me a cover!
    Jess N
    5 years ago
    How did I just see this now?! Now I'll have to be buried with this comment when I die. XD
    5 years ago
    XD hahaha
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