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    I loved the book - although it has been a while since I've read it - and my only issue was that for most of the novel Cassie was on the sidelines but Ben's POVs always made up for that. Which I think is why I like The Infinite Sea because there was a lot more action despite being a shorter book. I think that's also why one of the reasons the film failed both critically and at the box office. I haven't seen it yet but from what I've heard, it focused heavily and showed a lot of Evan and Cassie and their 'relationship'.
    I am still looking forward to The Last Star next month though and I hope it doesn't disappoint (unlike some books *cough*End of Days *cough cough*
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    Congratulations to all the winners! I've actually read @[RT Cipher] 's and @[Megites Nightshade] 's entries. I'm honestly not surprised that they've won - Cipher had a perfect mix of villiany and humour whereas Megites had a near perfect likeness to the show. I'll have to read @[Peacock Mayorga] 's entry sometime this weekend - although I'm sure it's also great. ��
    As for the honorary mention - thank you so much. I'm disappointed in myself for only being able to write 3 scenes in that huge time span - curse you A Levels and terrifying life changing decisions! Now that the competition is over, I can finally update and finish Episode 1. I have huge plans for Krastly and her citizens - finding a cure is gonna be the least of their worries soon.
    Again, a huge congrats to the winners and a thank you for liking Sinner
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    Ooh! I've been following the movellas account on instagram for a while now and I have been noticing it's been a lot more active recently than it has been over the past year.
    I love this concept though and it'll be great to see the posts!
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    Ooh, this is a surprisingly good piece so far. Also, I'm sorry for not returning CC sooner and I hope I don't come across as harsh.
    At times, you've misspelt words and you do need to proof read over your chapter. Like, you've used "they're" instead of "their" or "except" instead of "accept".
    I also found your opening sentence for your first chapter really weird - "my life is lifeness". It's odd and not a very good opening sentence - it almost seems as though you can't voice your character properly and will put a negative look on your writing style.
    There's also the problem with the 'show, don't tell'. Emma is telling the audience too much instead of showing and it just makes her very unlikeable and pretentious - she seems to be flaunting her wealth to me.
    The last thing is the dialogue. I understand you want an upper class vibe but all your characters so far are speaking in the same voice and their dialogue is too strange for teenagers.
    When new girl Vanessa befriends content Emma, these two girls feel inseparable. Vanessa unleashes her badass and both of the girls become partners in crime. Emma’s always been the quite, innocent, good...
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