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Hi! I'm Scarlette. I'm not exactly new to writing, I've done it before on a different website and some of my books have become popular. I do wish that it some of my books become popular here too.

I love One Direction, their my life. I'm mostly a Niall and Louis girl but I write Liam Payne/Harry Styles/Justin Bieber fan fictions and mostly read Zayn Malik/Harry Styles fan fiction.

Belonging To Him -Harry Styles Au- (On going)
The Possessive Bad Boy -Niall Horan AU- (Coming Soon)
The Possessive One -Justin Bieber AU- (Coming Soon)

Please note I only write Justin Bieber/One Direction AU's.

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    Love your book! I saw it on Wattpad, it's in my library there!
    Irish & Bad
    Irish & Bad
    I wonder why he wanted to meet at the alley, we usually meet at Stabucks.
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