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I do a lot of thinking.
I play scenes in my head.
I practice things I say.
I listen to music because the words take me to a different world.
I hate the word 'normal' because I'm happier being considered 'abnormal.'
I dye my hair unnatural colors because I can.

"No wonder everyone's depressed and anxious, look at the way they talk to each other online." ; Luke Hemmings.
"Life is shitty, and shitty can't do anything about life." ; irwinn94

  • arcticcliffords
    that's effed up. can't even update my own fucking book
    Just Another Love Story | Calum Hood {Sequal To MBBF}
    Just Another Love...
    Daniella and Calum haven't spoken since the break up, they avoided one another every chance they got. Despite Calum being one of Michael's best friend, avoiding Calum for an entire year was actually really...
  • arcticcliffords
    Hope you guys like the new update! (:
    My Brother's Best Friend | Calum Hood
    My Brother's Best...
    One call could change a lot of this. A single call could mean you have a baby in your family, or it could mean you lost a family member, or it could mean your going to miss an upcoming football game...
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