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Hello! I'm new to this website, but have had the app.
The profile picture isn't me, just in case you didn't know...I WILL eventually put the 'real me' on the cover of one of my stories.
I don't know...

Blog #2

by , Friday January 27, 2017
Blog #2

Old picture by the way kinda

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  • XxBetterOffDeadxXx
    Hey, you said that you would talk to me a month or a few back. Are you still going to do that over email? You said that you were going to explain everything, and you didn't answer my texts. I was just curious.
  • XxBetterOffDeadxXx

    mumbled "#TEAMWITT"

    I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEE WITT LOWRY!! HE IS AN AMAZING RAPPER, THAT RAPS ABOUT THINGS THAT ACTUALLY MATTER. Like, I can actually understand what he's saying. It doesn't sound like he's gurgling water or just saying one entire sentence.

    Numb~Witt Lowry

  • XxBetterOffDeadxXx


    SO THIS WASN'T YOU?!!! THEN WHO WAS I DATING FOR 5 FLIPPING MONTHS. WHO WAS I TALKING TO FOR 5 FREAKING MONTHS ON THIS GMAIL, HUH?! You don't have anything to explain?!! B.F.S! EVERYONE saw how much I cared about you and loved you. EVERYONE knew we were dating. DON'T tell me that you have "NOTHING" to explain. :)
    I'm so confused rn...
    Anna, people shield people from things... Maybe during those 5 months he hid his real self so that he wouldn't hurt you love. People do this, HELL I'VE DONE IT!
    You guys don't get it. HE replied that he never messaged me after the fact. He did. And that's what he said (the picture) . I posted on his wall that he said that he was going to explain things and apologize. Yet he never did. He denied messaging me, but clearly he did. Thanks, @[ShadowGirl13] But I wish. @[WillowW] If you mean me, then please do! (JUST KIDDING. DUH).
    The fact that he denied it and if you all EXCEPT for @[Luke's Adorable Penguin ] is just angry at me for even posting this, then read the book why don't ya?! I am a level headed person and wouldn't just screenshot things for nothing. So don't get angry at me when you don't know anything. Thank you, and have a nice day. :)
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