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Hi! I'm Yasmine! Nice too meet you! Here is a little bit more about myself ----
************************************* I'm a huge directioner! One Direction litterly saved my live, I would have committed suicide such a long time ago if they weren't here! Thanks for doing that boys!! I'm a Nialler girl!! Horan is my last name :D And a super huge Larry shipper! Larry is real! Lou and Haz need to marry each other!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
I write fanfics and I love to read them too.. Hope you guys like my stories!
Please follow me? I don't have a single follower yet :(( It makes me wanna cry!!!!
I have a best friend and her name is Crissy!
We are planning on living together in the past! I hope everything is going the right way..
I have two brothers
Bryan 18 years old, doesn't have a very good bond with me.. My past wasn't that perfect and he was the reason of it,, long story
Yentl is my little brother and I have a better bond with him than with Bryan but not as good anymore as before
My mom and dad are going to divorse, me and my mom and Yentl live alone now and the divorse is going to come...
And as last I need to say! I will love all my readers, Followers, fan idc! I will all love them with my heart!!

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    Hey people, after comming back on Movellas after a year. I know, sorry! :o I saw that you guys like my story why not very well. I wasn't really suppose to upload it ever again, but this morning I decided to upload it again! At most 6 chapters more and than I will finish it. After I finished my other book, I will maybe think of writing a second one. Than you will have to wait another year :p
    I hope you like that, I'm only doing this for you guys!
    Much love, and thank you so much!
    Yasmine xoxo
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    Heeeyy guys! Thank you so much for the reads and comments and likes on my fanfictions! That really means alot to me! You guys are also the best! Can you let me know what you find of my new fanfiction? "Uni Love" thank you very much! I love you guys! Have a nice sunday! I don't have school tomorrow :D xxx
    No, I wasn't sorry! :/ :)

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