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My favourite songs are: Jet black heart, beside you, Disconnected, English love affair, Heartache on the big screen, Permanent Vacation, Boulevard of broken dreams, Extraordinary girl, Lake of fire, Lithium, The man who sold the world, Novacaine/she's a Rebel, Holiday, Self-esteem, bad habit, Miss Taken, After the show, Don't hurt yourself, Do that thing we do.
Favorite quotes: "I'm just a little boy from Bradford and now I'm smashing it!" ~Zayn Malik
"Simple but effective." ~Harry Styles
"She's mine!" ~Louis Tomlinson
"I like girls who eat carrots." ~Louis Tomlinson
My favorite bands: 5 Seconds of Summer, Nirvana, Green Day, The Offspring,Twenty one Pilots, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Backstreet Boys, Hey Violet, Roadtrip
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Email: yazzybelleza@gmail.com

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  • CalumHood16

    mumbled "Deleting stories"

    7 months agoReply
    So I'm gonna delete all my stories bc I feel like they're not good enough. I promise I will come up with better stories to impress all of you.
    SilverLightning ✦
    oh don't do that. The clean slate program never works. I used to delete all my stories cos they weren't good enough, then i regret it cos I lost all my work. I realised, that you can never have perfect stories on your first go or second go, you just need imperfect trash stories first, and watch yourself grow into perfect stories. Don't delete cos then you'll have no idea where you started from.
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