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I'm new here but, I will give it a go! Found this website on my phone and I actually have a couple stories on a different site called Wattpad.com;

I like to write and such so, I'll have some stories up in no time when I have some idea's.

Here's a short quickfire;) :
1) What do you do on your free time?-- I like to read, play on my phone, or get on polyvore.
2)Do you have any pets?-- Yes, I do. I have two cats named Harlow and Rocko.
3)What would you do if you ever met 1D?-- I would stay as calm as possible, which probably wouldn't work.. >.<
4)Do you have any siblings?-- Yepper's! I have three brother's named Jake, Joe and Carlos and one sister named Jessica.
5)What entertains you?-- The television show; Xfactor.(Love Caroline on the Xtra Factor!!)
6)Have you ever done severe self-harm?-- No, but I have done self harm by turning the shower on full heat.. Hurt horribly.
7)Who do you like the most out of all the 1D boys?-- Niall James Horan! Love the little Irish lad(:
8)Are you a morning person?-- I can be sometimes, but other day's I will literally, rip off your face!
9)Have you heard 1D's new album; Take Me Home?-- Of course!! Can't get enough of it.
10)What are some hobbies of yours?-- A lot of things but, I'll give you some; Reading, talking, watching t.v., singing, drawing, etc. (I dabble in singing & drawing)

So, those are some things about me, Hope you accept me for who I am!

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