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Hey people of the world. I'm a crazy kid that loves to write. I love to meet all of my fans in person and stuff like that but I cant. Although you see the info below you can talk to me there. I am also a recent vegetarian Can contact me at
YouTube: ThisIsYourOnlyDestiny
Instagram: Yeah_Im_the_crazy_one
Instagram 2: mynameisbooks
Tumblr: thisisyouronlydestiny
Kik: Tinyhiny45
Email : tinyhiny45@gmail.com
ask.fm: destinyisfate
I love to read and write. I love to hear what you are writing I love to hear any thoughts to make my stories better and I do comment back
I might not respond right away if you contact me. sorry, I will try my best and I have talked to a few of you and would love to talk to more of you.

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    mumbled "Hey guys "

    Hey its been a while but I think I am going to be more active. I have been really off these past months so yeah but I should be updating soon and I am also going to be re writing alot of books because they dont make sence
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    mumbled "Vampires "

    So hey alot of you guys have read my first book on here and it is now being Revamped (see what I did there no and I am still not funny, okay got it) anyways I am now rewriting it and It is now available for ya'll to come and read so do that and love it because It will hopefully it won't be confusing anymore because I have been rereading it and I have no clue what the do da I was doing
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    mumbled "New Book "

    So a year ago I wrote my first book and you guys seemed to like it so I have decided to rewrite it so I can maybe have a sequel and hopefully you guys will like it It will have alot of the same things as last time but I will also add alot more and remove some too If you have any thoughts you would like to share go ahead and share them I would like to know what you think
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    mumbled "New Book "

    Hey guys I need a distraction. My grandma just passed away on December 27, 2014 and I need a something because her funeral was yesterday January 3, 2015 . I want to write but I don't know what to write about so you guys can give me an Idea or something and I will write. I miss being on here and hopefully that will change. I also would like to know if you guys want me to update a certain novel or what and I will try. I am just trying to focus on something else and I am going crazy because I keep linking everything I do to my grandma. I can't even draw right now because of how many times that I used to draw with her. Like seriously this past year has me feeling like a nobody. My grandma didn't know about me writing so I hope this will help and I will be one hell of a year.
    6 years ago
    thanks @[AWESOMEGURL1345] I have been trying but it gets hard when you have a mind that is kind of hyper and like mine, I have a mind that has it's own mind.
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    mumbled "Grandma"

    Today at 1:30 my grandma was pronounced dead she died because she had a panic attack and then choked on some throw up she stopped breathing for over five min. If you don't know why five min. is important it is because after five min. your brain starts being damaged. Her heart stopped and they got it going again. She had alot of brain damage and apparently when they checked this morning their tests concluded that she had no brain activity.
    Because of this I may not write for a while because writing this already has me in tears I am sorry if you really want to talk to me you can email me at tinyhiny45@gmail.com, I may reply/ Or kik me. tinyhiny45 . Thank you for understanding

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