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    Why I can't Sign Up With Facebook Anymore?

    I was wondering why I can't sign up with Facebook anymore? I'm using correct facebook and correct email? Is there update that I can't sign up with Facebook, Gmail and Twitter?
  • YukiEndoLibraryLover

    How about Competition regarding our Public Libraries?

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    I was wondering if anyone here loves their local or school public libraries?
    Maybe, we could do competition based on public and school libraries that how you enjoys your local/school libraries.
    Since it's not illegal to take pictures in libraries, maybe this could be good idea?
  • YukiEndoLibraryLover

    Hello, Storywriters! I'm Yuki Endo.

    Hello, sorry for late introduction. My name is Yuki Endo, I was born in Kyoto, Japan in March 30th, 1985 and moved to Osaka, Japan, then moved to South Island called Kyushu Prefecture, city called Umekita City in Miyazaki.
    I moved to NYC in February 1996 and I was featured in 2 articles.
    I was feature in 2005 New York Times Article featuring "He Loves New York, and It Loves Him Right Back" and 2007 March Issue of Japanese popular magazine called "SOTOKOTO" featuring "Volunteer at MET"

    Beside my hobby of singing, transit fanning, I also love to type stories and my speech testimony.
    I sometimes create my stories in dreams.
    I also love to read, watch movies/Anime/TV Show online because it gave me great idea for stories.
    I also love to go to public libraries and bookstores.
    I am glad I found Movellas site.
    I have been typing lots of stories on Google Documents and Facebook Notes.
    You could find me on:
    Facebook: Yuki Endo
    Youtube: Yuki Endo
    Twitter: Yuki Endo/FamousNYLover
    I hope there's more competition coming up.
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